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Science Express - Biodiversity Special Phase III Update

In this section, we will keep you updated on the happenings on SEBS. Here, we share our experiences of the exciting journey of the train across India. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

SEBS Phase III Valediction
Dates: 06.02.2015

On 6 February 2015 – the last day of SEBS Phase III, a valedictory function was organized for the SEBS team. In the first half of the day, a Reflection Workshop was organized at Gandhinagar Railway Station. Dr. B. P. Singh, Head, NCSTC, DST, Shri P. J. Michael, Deputy Secretary, MoEF & CC. Dr. A. B. P. Mishra, Scientist, NCSTC, Shri Chander Mohan, Head, Scientist, DST and Shri Dilip Surkar, Executive Director, VASCSC, were present in the Workshop, along with the Science Communicators. It was organized to receive feedback from the team aboard SEBS regarding various aspects of the exhibition including coach content, updation of the exhibition, etc.


SEBS Phase III Reflection Workshop


Dr. B. P. Singh presenting Certificate to
SEBS team members

Later, in the evening a valedictory function was organized at VASCSC, Ahemdabad, to celebrate the successful completion of the journey of SEBS Phase III. Shri P. J. Michael, Shri Chander Mohan, Shri A.B.P. Mishra, Padmashri Kartikeya V. Sarabhai, Chairman, Standing Committee, VASCSC and Shri Dilip Surkar, along with many other distinguished guests were present on the occasion.


Shri Chander Mohan congratulating the
SEBS team


Padmashri Kartikeya  V. Sarabhai
addressing the guests


Dr. A.B.P. Mishra presenting a memento to
SEBS team member


Shri P. J. Michael  presenting a memento to
SEBS team member

In the function, some of the SEBS team members also shared their unique experiences in the journey that they undertook with SEBS. The team also gave a beautiful presentation on the 7 month journey and the bonding which they had with each other as a team. Later, the team members were presented with a memento as token of appreciation for their hard work and dedicated efforts.


SEBS team member sharing his experience


Shri Dilip Surkar giving vote of thanks

Station: Gandhinagar
State: Gujarat
Exhibition dates: 04.02.2015 - 06.02.2015
Total visitors: 19,992

After travelling across the country, SEBS Phase III finally reached its last station – Gandhinagar. Although, the train arrived late, yet the SEBS team was able to open the exhibition for the visitors at the scheduled time. SEBS was welcomed by the Master Suhas Bhatia, Ms. Deesha Tulsami and Ms. Sanjana Meerchandani, students of Kishor G. K. English Medium School, Ahmedabad, along with Shri Dilip Surkar, Executive Director, VASCSC, Ahmedabad.


Students welcoming SEBS at Gandhinagar


Long queue of students at the platform


Dr B. P. Singh & Shri Dilip Surkar in SEBS


Students knowing about Carbon Footprint

On the last day of the exhibition at Gandhinagar, Dr. B.P Singh, Head/Scientist 'G', NCSTC, DST, Shri Chander Mohan, Scientist 'G', DST, Dr ABP Mishra, Scientist, NCSTC, DST and Shri P.J. Michael, Deputy Secretary, MoEF & CC and Shri Dilip Surkar, ED, VASCSC, visited the exhibition train and also interacted with the team onboard SEBS. The distinguished guests congratulated the team for the successful completion of the phase and appreciated them for their efforts and hard work. Shri Vinod Gajjar, a wildlife Photographer, who has contributed his photographs for the exhibits in coach 6 & 8 of SEBS, also visited the exhibition train at Gandhinagar.

Altogether in three days, a total of 19,992 visitors including over 7,500 students from 81 different schools and colleges of Gandhinagar and adjoining areas visited SEBS. Besides, this, at Gandhinagar, SEBS Phase III crossed 23 lakh total visitors’ mark and the Kids Zone also crossed 1 lakh students’ participation, since its launch in 2013. SEBS Phase III concluded with a grand total of 23, 17,785 visitors, for the entire phase, and also created the record of second highest number of total visitors, for all the phases of Science Express (Phase I-VII), being next only to Phase V in which 24.02 lakh people had visited the exhibition train.

Station: Viramgam
State: Gujarat
Exhibition dates: 01.02.2015 - 03.01.2015
Total visitors: 44, 623

From Dhrangadhra, SEBS Phase III moved to its second last station -Viramgam. It was welcomed by Shri Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Commercial Inspector, Viramgam, along with other Railway officials. Shri M. J. Desai, Police Inspector, RPF, Ahmedabad Division, also visited SESB along with other senior officials, and appreciated the efforts of the team aboard SEBS.


Shri Ashok Kumar Chauhan welcoming SEBS


Visitors in coach on Western Ghats


Students in coach on Energy Conservation


SEBS team conducting Platform Activity

SEBS Phase III was stationed at Viramgam for three days. In spite of it being a small city, a good number of visitors turned up. Altogether in three days, a total of 44,623 visitors, including over 6,500 students from 79 different schools & colleges visited SEBS.

It was not just the exhibition that fascinated the students, but the complementary activities equally received good participation. At the Platform, the SEBS team demonstrated experiments like Centripetal & Centrifugal Force, Centre of Gravity, Muscle Contraction, Magical Flask etc. Besides, different Mathematical Puzzles and Biodiversity based games like ‘Find Me’, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Web of Life’ were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. For small children, the Kids Zone was quite popular in which they enjoyed making science based models like Balloon Spinner, Climbing Man, Jumble Scramble, Straw Static, Hoop Glider etc. In the JOS Lab, the students of standard VI-X participated and performed experiments based on Newton’s cradle, Traffic Signal, DNA Model, Slide Preparation, Albedo Effect, Structure of Atom, Wind Mill, Cell Structure, How Universe is Expanding?, etc.

At Viramgam, JOS Lab crossed 65,000 students’ participation for the current phase, till date and SEBS, cumulative of the three phases (Phase I, II & III) also crossed 69 lakh total visitors’ mark. With this, the scheduled halt of SEBS at Viramgam came to an end and the team packed up and made preparations for their departure to the last station of the current phase – Gandhinagar.

Station: Dhrangadhra
State: Gujarat
Exhibition dates: 30.01.2015 - 31.01.2015
Total visitors: 20,379

The next station in the journey of SEBS Phase III was Dhrangadhra. During its two-day halt, a large number of students as well as general visitors came to see the exhibition train. Shri Hari Ram Meena, Traffic Inspector, Dhrangadhra, and Shri Omkar Nithalwal, Health Inspector, Dhrangadhra, also visited SEBS and appreciated the efforts of the Central Government in promoting awareness among the students about India’s Biodiversity.


Dhrangadhra station


Students in coach on North- East India


Students in coach on the Gangetic Plain


Mathematical Puzzle  in JOS Lab

In just two days at Dhrangadhra, SEBS Phase III received over 7,000 students from 94 different schools and colleges. Additionally, the response of general public was also very encouraging, with SEBS registering over 9,000 general visitors. Altogether, in two days a total of 20,379 people of different age groups visited the exhibition train.

The SEBS team also conducted complementary activities in the Kids Zone, JOS Lab and at the Platform. In the Kids Zone, over 400 students participated and enjoyed making science based models like Dancing Capsule, Flying Fish, Optical Illusion, Whirling Fan, Balancing Act etc. Similarly, the JOS Lab registered approximately 450 students, who performed experiments based on Boyle’s Law, Atom Structure, Centre of Gravity, Barometer, Wind Mill, Microscopy, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Neuron Structure, etc. SEBS team also demonstrated different experiments at the Platform and organized interesting Biodiversity based games like ‘Web of Life’, ‘Who am I’ etc. Over 2,000 students participated in these activities.

At Dhrangadhra, SEBS Phase III crossed 22.5 lakh total visitors’ mark and the Platform Activity also crossed 90,000 students’ participation, for the current phase till date.

With this, the scheduled two-day halt of SEBS Phase III at Dhrangadhra, came to an end and the team packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station - Viramgam in Gujarat.

Station: Wankaner
State: Gujarat
Exhibition dates: 27.01.2015 - 29.01.2015
Total visitors: 31,079

From Gandhidham, SEBS Phase III moved to Wankaner in Rajkot district of Gujarat. It was welcomed by Shri Nagani Munaf, District Education Officer & DPEO, Morbi, along with other officials from the Education Department as well as Railways.


Shri Nagani Munaf welcoming SEBS


Visitors knowing about Chaotic Pendulum


SEBS team member conducting
Platform Activity


Student performing Magical Breath
experiment in JOS Lab

SEBS Phase III received a very good response at Wankaner. Altogether in three days, it received over 12,000 students from 135 different schools and colleges. Even the response from general public was overwhelming with SEBS receiving more than 11,000 general visitors. During its three-day exhibition, a total of 31,079 visitors came to see the exhibition train at Wankaner.

The complementary activities of SEBS were also very much appreciated by all. In the Kids Zone, more than 750 children participated and enjoyed making different scientific models. Similarly, the JOS Lab was another popular section where students performed different experiments of Science and solved Mathematical Puzzles as well. It registered a total of 1,469 students. But, of all the complementary activities, the Platform Activity received the highest participation with more than 4,000 students enjoying the experimental demonstrations and the scientific games conducted by the SEBS team. The team also conducted Teachers’ Orientation Program on two days, in which 48 teachers participated.

At Wankaner, SEBS Phase III crossed 6,500 schools, 6 lakh students as visitors, 45,000 children in Kids Zone and 85,000 students in Platform Activity, for the current phase, till date. Besides these, SEBS, cumulative of the three phases (Phase I, II & III) also crossed 68.5 lakh total visitors’ mark.

With this, the scheduled three day halt of SEBS Phase III at Wankaner, came to an end and the team packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station - Dhrangadhra in Gujarat.


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